FALSE: Facebook Automation Labs Warning Untrue

We have another ‘pass-it-on’ status message flooding walls over the past 24 hours that needs to be debunked! The “block Automation Labs” rumor is 100% incorrect, despite tens of thousands of people circulating it.

It will read something similar to:


Facebook Automation Labs Hoax


Facebook Automation Labs Hoax Sample #2


As you can see, users are directed to go to the Block section of their Privacy Settings, and enter either ‘Automation Labs’ or ‘Information Lab’ into the name field and block whatever people pop up on the list. This is completely unnecessary…

The Block feature on Facebook searches for anyone, group or page that contains the name you have entered. For example, enter your own last name in that field and see what pops up. All this means is that these people have something in common with you – your last name. The people appearing on the list when you enter ‘Automation Lab’, simply have some sort of association to the search phrase. This does not mean they are spying on you.

Automation Lab is an IT company. They also have created an automation tool for FarmVillle, which is why many of you are seeing so many people pop up on this Block list. If anyone is advertising the FarmVille Manager, developed by Automation Labs, they will appear on this list. Also, anyone who works for Automation Lab will also automatically appear on the list.

Alternatively, anyone listing an employer with the word ‘automation’ in the name, will appear on this list.

In addition to the ‘Automation Lab’ block, we are seeing people tell others to block people containing ‘Information lab’. The same details apply as above.

I did a test, entering ‘information lab’ in the name field, and out of the first 5 people that appeared on my list, I could view 3 profiles, and this is what I found:

  • One worked for Oxford Information Labs
  • One worked for the US Department of Defense under the Defense Systems Information Agency
  • One worked for the US Air Force Research Lab

As you can see, if you were to blindly follow the instructions detailed above, you could in fact be blocking many of the friends and family you have not yet connected with. These people would never be able to ever contact you via Facebook.

Privacy concerns on high, and this is why rumors and hoaxes such as these spread so quickly. However, a little digging into exactly what it is you are being told to do, should be your primary concern. One day, a change you make, could actually put your account in the hands of someone with ulterior motives…



4 Responses to “FALSE: Facebook Automation Labs Warning Untrue”
  1. Amber Culler says:

    besides being “false” can anyone tell me why the people on the list have automation labs in parenthesis next to their name on their profile…facebook states using these are prohibited and could result in your account being permanently deleted….also why is my computer running a lot smoother/faster once I block them if it’s nothing to worry about,I’m not the only one noticing this! FACEBOOK NEEDS TO ADDRESS THIS W/MORE THEN A REPLY IT’S FALSE!!!!!

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Firstly Amber, I am not associated with Facebook in anyway and therefore do not need to address it any further than the information I provided, but I will regardless…lol

      I did a quick check and on my list, only the 1st person who appears has the name Automation Lab in brackets. When a name appears in light gray colored brackets, is what the account holder has used as an “alternative” name. It is a common feature used by women who are married, but who want friends that know only their maiden name to be able to find them. In this case, these people most likely WORK for automation labs, and therefore have added the name as an alternate search term.

      As for your machine running smoother, I cannot comment on that since I have no intention of blocking anyone unnecessarily to test it out

      • Amber Culler says:

        sorry,didn’t mean for my post to be directed at you or your article. my mother & I spent all morning searching for info on the subject,all we were able to find (other then actual automation websites & that you could be deleted for using them) is what you posted and was hoping someone from Facebook administration might actually see it (reason for caps lock) and reply.thank you for the info! every little bit helps!



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