Mafia Wars Beat The Feds Event Disappears…Again!

Mafia Wars is definitely starting to look like it is losing to the feds..not beating them! For the 3rd time, and twice in less than 24 hours, the Mafia Wars Beat The Feds event has been yanked.

The second attempt at running the event officially started at 4pm EST yesterday, Friday August 13th. It was immediately wrought with glitches and bugs, causing it to be pulled within 30 minutes. Similar problems occurred when the event was released last month.

Within an hour of being pulled, a Mafia Wars Community Manager announced that the event would be rolled out to players slowly, so that bugs could be addressed as play was continued. It seemed to work, and I was able to earn Silver Mastery on all 4 agents, and even Gold on one.

This morning, the entire game seemed to come to a standstill; slow loading and no loading pages plagued everyone. It was obvious there were still way too many problems. By mid-morning today, the event was pulled for a third time.

However, while it did seem to speed up the game slightly, collecting gifts, banking and vaulting cash, and fighting are still extremely difficult to accomplish. In my personal opinion, part of the problem could be the flashy 10 million Kaboom blow up truck that is contributing to the sluggishness of the game.

Update 12:15pm: As I write this, the Beat The Feds event seems to be back, yet again. Let’s try for round 4 boys, before we find ourselves all swimming with the fishies!

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  1. bob johnson says:

    I have beaten all 4 of them on gold status. Now they are red x’d in their faces, but it seems I can fight them again, though I don’t know what for.

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