Mafia Wars: Beat The Feds Agent Fight Rewards

Mafia Wars “Beat The Feds” event starts Friday August 13th and runs for 10 days. You will have 4 different federal agents to beat. Beating them 3 times (Bronze, Silver and Gold levels) will earn you a bonus piece of loot; helpful in Vegas.

The Fed Agent fights are similar to the Boss fights in Vegas. Beating an agent at the Bronze level will earn you a special piece of loot. Beating him again in Silver and Gold will increase the attack and defense of the original item earned.

Here are the items and their corresponding attack/defense value:

Agent Karlin Silk Thunder SilverAgent Karlin – Silk Thunder

Bronze – 40 Attack / 28 Defense
Silver – 62 Attack / 43 Defense
Gold – 84 Attack / 59 Defense

Agent Miller – Combat Chopper

Bronze –
Silver – 68 Attack / 54 Defense
Gold – 90 Attack / 72 Defense

D.E.A. Iverson – Ballistic Vest

Bronze –
Silver – 53 Attack / 76 Defense
Gold – 72 Attack / 103 Defense

D.A. Embry – Bald Eagle

Bronze – 55 Attack / 52 Defense
Silver – 85 Attack / 80 Defense
Gold – 115 Attack / 109 Defense


Rain Maker GoldBeat all 4 Agents at the Gold level
5% increase in money from Vegas fights



3 Responses to “Mafia Wars: Beat The Feds Agent Fight Rewards”
  1. Fábio says:

    I can’t fight them at gold levels. i defeated all at silver, but the gold level doesn’t appear. why?

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      I am not sure what to tell you Fabio. I have not heard of that happening, but will see what I can find out

  2. Michael says:

    I can not fight them even for silver level. After defeating all of them first time I try to beat them once again but it says that i have already defeated them. What’s wrong?

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