Mafia Wars: How To Find Mission Collection Loot

Mafia Wars Mission Collection

Mafia Wars latest addition to our collections list is the Mission Collection. Each of the 7 required loot items can possibly be rewarded when completing specific missions.

Mafia Wars Hit Squad - Vault Mission CollectionFor successfully vaulting the Mission Collection, the rewards are generous! You will receive:

  • Hit Squad Armor ( 65 Attack / 45 Defense )
  • +10 Attack
  • +10 Defense
  • +20 Health

You can only vault the collection once.


How To Find Mission Collection Loot


Each of the 7 collection items potentially are awarded when completing a specific mission with your fellow mafia as follows:

BLASTING CAPS -> Drops from the Truck Hijacking mission (Easy)
SNIPER SCOPE -> Drops from the Bribe The Contact mission (Easy)
CODE BREAKER -> Drops from the Bank Robbery mission (Medium)
MOOK JONG -> Drops from the Bribe A Government Official mission (Medium)
EARBUD SHADES -> Drops from the Steal A Dockyard Shipment mission (Hard)
STICKSHIFT GRIP -> Drops from the Transport Stolen Uranium mission (Hard – 6 people)
FAKE IDENTITY -> Drops from the Take Out A Rival Operation mission (Hard – 7 people)


Mafia Wars: Smokin’ Double Barrels Event

Mafia Wars Gun BarrelsMafia Wars latest event, Smokin’ Double Barrels, allows you to build 2 different exclusive weapons at double the speed.

For the next 7 days, collect special Gun Barrels parts to build either the Predator Minigun or the Lock and Stock, every 12 hours.

Predator Minigun
55 Attack / 46 Defense
Lock and Stock
50 Attack / 58 Defense

Gun Barrels can be collected from your Facebook newsfeed (up to a max of 10 per day) or gifted to you by your fellow mafia.

These exclusive weapons are only here a few more days, so take advantage of building 2 per day right away!


Mafia Wars: Infiltrate The Pentagon Event

Mafia Wars has just released its limited time Infiltration The Pentagon Event.

Collect military uniforms from your fellow mafia and earn Mastery rewards for each section completed. As we have seen in past similar events, there are 3 levels for each reward. The Bronze level requires 3 items collected; the Silver level requires 6 items collected; and the Gold level requires 12 items collected.

Available now for gifting is the Army Uniform. Navy Uniforms unlock on Nov 8th and Air Force uniforms unlock on Nov 12th.


Mafia Wars Infiltrate The Pentagon Mastery Rewards


Army Uniform Mastery Reward – Ranger Kukri (weapon)
Navy Uniform Mastery Reward – Patrol Dolphin (animal)
Air Force Uniform Mastery Reward – Angel’s Grace (armor)




Mafia Wars: All About Italy Opening October 21, 2010.

Mafia Wars Italy
Mafia Wars Italy opens October 21, 2010! A select few will gain beta access on the 18th. This new city will use the Lira as its currency so watch out for the Italian Satchels of Lira popping up soon!

Here is what we have been able to find out, according to Zynga customer service:

Mafia Wars Italy Regions

Italy ‘Regions’ are like Vegas ‘Districts’. There are 5 initial Regions in Italy’s release:

  • Region 1: Roma
  • Region 2: Palermo
  • Region 3: Venezia
  • Region 4: Milano
  • Region 5: Napoli

    This winter Regions 6 through 8 will be released:

  • Region 6: Calabria
  • Region 7: Città del Vaticano
  • Region 8: All Roads Lead to Rome

    Mafia Wars Italy Properties

    The 6 initial properties:

  • Villa
  • Winery
  • Fishery
  • Auto Boutique
  • Soccer Stadium
  • Port
  • This winter there will be 1 additional property released:

  • Resort

    Note: The Port is similar to your Chop Shop, but instead of requiring parts to craft an item, it will cost Lira.


    All properties will require the following new building materials:

    Italia Hardwood, Marble Slab, Stone Column, and Terracotta Tiles.

    As we saw with the Las Vegas properties, there will be 1 extra exclusive part required for each property in order to complete building:

    Villa – Volcanic Bricks, found in Roma (Connect with La Familia)
    Winery – Wine Barrel, found in Palermo (Build the Winery)
    Fishery – Fishing Net, found in Venezia (Smuggle Goods Through a Fishery)
    Auto Boutique – Motor Oil, found in Milano (Rob a Collector)
    Soccer Stadium – Football Player, found in Napoli (Trash a Rival Camorra Stadium)
    Port – No exclusive part

    As soon as we have the number of required parts for each
    property we will post a complete chart!


    Mafia Wars Italy Collections


    Dinner Is Served:
    Collect: Toasted Ravioli, Traditional Pizza, Calzone, Gnocchi, Meatballs, Gelato, Cioppino
    Vault for: +10% item drop in Italy

    Roman Standards:
    Collect: Capitoline, Castle, Centurion, Eagle, Flag, Palm
    Vault for: +10 Attack, +10 Defense

    The Great Inventor:
    Collect: Bones of Man, Mother With Child, Portrait, Helicopter, Vitruvian Man, Tank, Crossbow
    Vault for +50 Health

    Famous Rulers:
    Collect: Marius-The Great Man, Caesar-The Statesman, Augustus-The First, Nero-The Madman, Trajan-The Kind Soldier, Constantine-The Unifier, Justinian-The Last
    Vault for: +15 Energy, +15 Stamina


    Mafia Wars Italy Achievements


    There are 10 new Achievements being added with the release of Italy. They are:

    All Jobs Lead to Rome – Visit Italia
    Viva Italia! – Complete Bronze Mastery of Chapters 1-5 in Italia
    Vintner Experto – Level 10 Winery
    The Deadliest Catch – Level 10 Fishery
    Bread and Circuses – Defeat 1000 opponents in Italia
    Centurion – Own 500 Fucile De Caccias
    Rome is Burning – Rob 900 properties in Italia
    Mediterranean Maestro – Level 10 Villa
    Rome, Sweet Home – Level 1 in all Italia Properties
    Hail Caesar! – Complete Ruby Mastery of Chapters 1-5 in Italia


    Mafia Wars Italy Boosts


    There will be 3 additional boosts revealed:

  • Olive Oil (+150 Robbing Defense)
  • Wine (+100 Defense)
  • Swordfish (+100 Attack)

    More Mafia Wars Italy Facts


    Fact: You will no long need to master all paths to finish a tier. Beating a boss will automatically advance you to a fully unmastered map on the next tier.

    Fact: Italian Boss fights are designed similarly to the Beat the Feds event. In theory, a really strong player could beat a Boss all by herself, but very few players will be able to do that. The Boss fights were purposely designed to encourage cooperation with your mafia to take down the Boss(es) together. You cannot use two Boss Fight consumables in a row (Health Kit, Shiv, Grenade, Stun Gun) Boss Fights will be timed and the boss will not heal until that timer expires, at which point, he will heal to full strength. Each Boss has a different timer.

    Fact: You can request help on a Social Job every 8 hours

    Fact: Some job consumables will be harder to obtain and may require doing multiple jobs (like New York City required Concealable Camera Loot as a consumable requirement for the job that produced Blackmail Photos) You will need Cooked Books (from Milano) to do the job (in Napoli) that produces Hidden Charges.

    Fact: Like Vegas Properties, each level will require more parts. There are ten levels, depicted with Roman numerals (I-X)

    Fact: Italy does not have a buildable vault like Vegas. However, it is Italy, and there will be a laundering fee again for the bank.

    Fact: Like Bangkok and Vegas, Energy and Stamina requirements for jobs will vary depending on a player’s level.

    Fact: There are no tournaments in Italy.

    Fact: Robbing will be made available 3 days after release to allow players time to build up properties.

    As soon as we have the loot and boss fight stats,
    we will post them!


Mafia Wars: Snoop Dog Blows Up An Armored Truck Live From Las Vegas!

In celebration of Mafia Wars latest city release Las Vegas reaching 10,000,000 visitors, it has announced it will blow up an armored truck – yes, a REAL armored truck!

The event will be streamed live from Las Vegas on, Thursday August 19, at 6pm PST / 9pm EST.

To make things even more interesting and exciting, the armored truck will be blown up by none other than rapper/actor/producer Snoop Dogg.

Zynga, the developer of Mafia Wars, has teamed up with some big names lately; General Mills/Green Giant, 7/11, Cascadian Farm, and now Snoop Dogg.

What do you think of this partnership? Will you be watching Snoops’ explosive endorsement? Let us know below!





Mafia Wars: Fight Mastery Leveling

With the release of Mafia Wars Las Vegas, fighting within in the game changed slightly, as detailed in our post Fight Mastery Victory Tokens. Below you will find a chart showing how many fight wins are required in order to level up your Mafia Wars Fight Mastery.

Keep in mind, these wins need to be on an alive player; not one that has been already iced or snuffed. Check and see how close you are to leveling!




Mafia Wars Beat The Feds Event Disappears…Again!

Mafia Wars is definitely starting to look like it is losing to the feds..not beating them! For the 3rd time, and twice in less than 24 hours, the Mafia Wars Beat The Feds event has been yanked.

The second attempt at running the event officially started at 4pm EST yesterday, Friday August 13th. It was immediately wrought with glitches and bugs, causing it to be pulled within 30 minutes. Similar problems occurred when the event was released last month.

Within an hour of being pulled, a Mafia Wars Community Manager announced that the event would be rolled out to players slowly, so that bugs could be addressed as play was continued. It seemed to work, and I was able to earn Silver Mastery on all 4 agents, and even Gold on one.

This morning, the entire game seemed to come to a standstill; slow loading and no loading pages plagued everyone. It was obvious there were still way too many problems. By mid-morning today, the event was pulled for a third time.

However, while it did seem to speed up the game slightly, collecting gifts, banking and vaulting cash, and fighting are still extremely difficult to accomplish. In my personal opinion, part of the problem could be the flashy 10 million Kaboom blow up truck that is contributing to the sluggishness of the game.

Update 12:15pm: As I write this, the Beat The Feds event seems to be back, yet again. Let’s try for round 4 boys, before we find ourselves all swimming with the fishies!


Mafia Wars: Beat The Feds Agent Fight Rewards

Mafia Wars “Beat The Feds” event starts Friday August 13th and runs for 10 days. You will have 4 different federal agents to beat. Beating them 3 times (Bronze, Silver and Gold levels) will earn you a bonus piece of loot; helpful in Vegas.

The Fed Agent fights are similar to the Boss fights in Vegas. Beating an agent at the Bronze level will earn you a special piece of loot. Beating him again in Silver and Gold will increase the attack and defense of the original item earned.

Here are the items and their corresponding attack/defense value:

Agent Karlin Silk Thunder SilverAgent Karlin – Silk Thunder

Bronze – 40 Attack / 28 Defense
Silver – 62 Attack / 43 Defense
Gold – 84 Attack / 59 Defense

Agent Miller – Combat Chopper

Bronze –
Silver – 68 Attack / 54 Defense
Gold – 90 Attack / 72 Defense

D.E.A. Iverson – Ballistic Vest

Bronze –
Silver – 53 Attack / 76 Defense
Gold – 72 Attack / 103 Defense

D.A. Embry – Bald Eagle

Bronze – 55 Attack / 52 Defense
Silver – 85 Attack / 80 Defense
Gold – 115 Attack / 109 Defense


Rain Maker GoldBeat all 4 Agents at the Gold level
5% increase in money from Vegas fights


Mafia Wars: Beat The Feds Boss Fight Event

Are you ready for the Mafia Wars Boss Fight Event? Starting this Friday August 13, you’ll get your chance to beat the Feds! For 10 days, you’ll be taking on 4 bosses with the help of your mafia, and will work on earning a coveted mastery item for Las Vegas. The bosses will each have 3 levels for you to beat. Once you beat them all at the first level, you progress to the next level to continue fighting for your mastery. Each level you complete will give you a special reward, so be sure to finish them all to claim all the prizes!

You’ll have to work quickly to beat the clock, so you can spread the word to your mafia to give you a hand. Helpers will be able to fight a boss as if they are facing the boss themselves. Here’s where it pays to be strong – the toughest helpers who do the most damage per boss fight will receive additional rewards like experience, Vegas cash, fight tokens, and LE items for their help.

If you want to pack a solid punch, you can prepare for battle by making sure you have plenty of consumables like health kits, shivs, and stun guns to help you along the way. There’s also safety in numbers, so you may want to recruit some new members to your mafia before the battle begins to better your odds of victory.

All the details on the special loot you can earn is posted at Mafia Wars: Beat The Feds Agent Fight Rewards


Mafia Wars Beat The Feds Boss Fight Event 1


Mafia Wars Guide To Las Vegas Properties

Mafia Wars Guide To Las Vegas Properties
With the recent release of Mafia Wars latest location Las Vegas, we now have 6 new properties to use and/or earn from. Unlike other cities though, each of the Las Vegas properties need to be built, not purchased. To complete all 5 stars for each building requires a large number of supplies (detailed list below).

The first property you will want to build as soon as possible in Las Vegas is your Vault. You will need to first complete Steal A Truckload of Slots in North Las Vegas (District 1), unlock your Slots property, and build it to Level 1. You then will be able to start building your Vault.

Unlike other cities, you do not “bank” your vegas chips; you “vault” them. You also are not charged any fee to vault the chips, as it’s your own vault – not the banks!

All properties in Las Vegas, including the Vault, start at 1/2 star rating. You will build up each property, 1/2 star at a time, until they reach a max 5 star rating. Your Vaults capacity will increase as your star rating increases as follows:

Las Vegas Vault Capacities

0.5 Star => $V100,000
1 Star => $V200,000
1.5 Stars => $V400,000
2 Stars => V$800,000
2.5 Stars => V$1,500,000
3 Stars => V$3,000,000
3.5 Stars => V$5,000,000
4 Stars => V$10,000,000
4.5 Stars => V$20,000,000
5 Stars => V$50,000,000

Building material required to upgrade your Vault can be dropped from any job, in any district, at any tier. The 5 different building materials required are:

Security Camera
Reinforced Steel
Deposit Box
Motion Sensor
Magnetic Lock

A nice bonus feature of your vault is the ability to convert excess cash from other cites into Vegas Chips (V$), once per 24 hour period. The maximum amount you can exchange, along with the currency you can choose from varies on what star rating your vault is:

Las Vegas Vault Currency Conversions

0.5 Star Vault

  • $500,000 into V$1000

1 Star Vault

  • up to $1,000,000 into V$2000

1.5 Star Vault

  • up to $1,000,000 into V$2000
    • up to B$10,000 into V$2000

    2 Star Vault

    • up to $1,000,000 into V$2000
      • up to B$10,000 into V$2000
      • up to C$50,000 into V$2000

      2.5 Star Vault

      • up to $2,000,000 into V$4000
      • up to B$10,000 into V$2000
      • up to C$50,000 into V$2000

      3 Star Vault

      • up to $2,000,000 into V$4000
      • up to B$10,000 into V$2000
      • up to C$50,000 into V$2000
      • up to R$50,000,000 into V$4000

      3.5 Star Vault

      • up to $4,000,000 into V$8000
      • up to B$10,000 into V$2000
      • up to C$50,000 into V$2000
      • up to R$50,000,000 into V$4000

      4 Star Vault

      • up to $8,000,000 into V$16,000
      • up to B$10,000 into V$5,000
      • up to C$250,000 into V$10,000
      • up to R$200,000,000 into V$20,000

      4.5 Star Vault

      • up to $12,000,000 into V$20,000
      • up to B$? into V$?
      • up to C$250,000 into V$10,000
      • up to R$200,000,000 into V$20,000

      5 Star Vault

      • up to $24,000,000 into V$40,000
      • up to B$200,000 into V$40,000
      • up to C$1,000,000 into V$40,000
      • up to R$400,000,000 into V$40,000

      Las Vegas Properties Building Materials

      Each of the additional 5 Las Vegas properties requires a specific amount of building materials to complete each star rating level. All buildings start at 1/2 star and are built in 1/2 star increments.


      The Slots property is unlocked by mastering the Bronze tier of the “Steal a Truckload of Slots” job in District 1.

      Upgrading your Slots property requires Cinder Blocks, Steel Girders, Construction Tools, Concrete and Slot Machines. The Slot Machines are dropped from the “Steal a Truckload of Slots” job in District 1.

      Table Games

      The Table Games property is unlocked by mastering the Bronze tier of the “Recruit a Table Game Dealer” job in District 2.

      Upgrading your Table Games property requires Cinder Blocks, Steel Girders, Construction Tools, Concrete and Casino Dealers. The Casino Dealers are dropped from the “Recruit a Table Game Dealer” job in District 2.


      The Restaurant is unlocked by completing the Bronze tier of the “Convince A Restaurateur To Leave Town” job in District 3.

      Upgrading your Restaurant property requires Cinder Blocks, Steel Girders, Construction Tools, Concrete and Chefs. Chefs are dropped from the “Convince A Restaurateur To Leave Town” job in District 3.

      Poker Room

      The Poker Room is unlocked by completing the bronze tier of the “Hijack a Poker Table Delivery” in District 4.

      Upgrading your Poker Room property requires Cinder Blocks, Steel Girders, Construction Tools, Concrete and Poker Tables. Poker Tables are dropped from the “Hijack a Poker Table Delivery” job in District 4.


      The Hotel is unlocked by completing the bronze tier of the “Rescue A Hotelier” in District 5.

      Upgrading your Poker Room property requires Cinder Blocks, Steel Girders, Construction Tools, Concrete and Bellhops. Bellhops are dropped from the “Rescue A Hotelier” job in District 5.

      The total number of materials needed are as follows:

      Las Vegas Properties Building Materials Chart


      Las Vegas Properties Building Supplies Chart
      Thanks to for this fabulous chart!


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