Cafe World Coffee Mastery Chart

Coffee is finally here! As soon as you unpack your new Coffee Machine, you can start brewing coffee for your customers to boost your buzz, cafe points and coins. Below you will find what we have found so far about Coffee Mastery. If you have any additional information to help us fill in any missing [...]

Cafe World Food Mastery Chart

Finally, we have compiled a chart of the most current Cafe World dishes, and their corresponding Cooking Mastery requirements. If you have any additional information to help us fill in the rest of the chart you can send a message directly to me through Facebook by clicking here! Cafe World Food Mastery Chart Food Name [...]

Cafe World: Food Spoilage

The amount of time you have to play is a big factor in this game. If you don’t have much time to play, you can still enjoy it by cooking certain foods. Take a few minutes out of your day and cook some simple foods such as: Chips and Guacamole, Bacon Cheeseburger, or Super Chunk [...]

Street Racing: Racing Friends

Ever wonder how people get the post ” (your name) is on top of their game and just climbed to the top of the challenge pyramid in Street Racing!” ? You keep telling yourself there is no way I will be able to win 34 challenges in 1 day. That is a simple thing to [...]

Street Racing: Top Handling Cars And Top Speed Car

Ever wonder what car would be the best for you to trick out so you can win all your races? Below you will find a list of the fastest 3 cars and top 3 best handling cars currently in the game. These cars are shown being tricked out (All level 5 parts installed). You will [...]

Posting A Street Racing Wishlist

Are you lacking a specific car for a race, or can’t seem to be able to win that last piece of loot to finish off a set? Did you know you can post to your Facebook wall, up to 5 cars or loot you are looking for? Now this doesn’t mean you will receive everything [...]

Street Racing: Modifications And Clutches

Ever wonder why everyone is upgrading their cars and then posting to their wall once it’s all tricked out? They do this to get better handling and speed. You too can easily upgrade your cars and gain an edge over your opponents in any challenge. Currently you can have have 3 different modifications running at [...]

The Benefits Of Recruiting A Street Racing Crew

Are you over whelmed when you are playing Street Racing and see other players with a 500+ crew? Well don’t be – you too can have a large crew! This just takes a little bit of time and some patience. Here I will show you how you can simply do this: At the bottom of [...]