Street Racing: Modifications And Clutches

Ever wonder why everyone is upgrading their cars and then posting to their wall once it’s all tricked out? They do this to get better handling and speed. You too can easily upgrade your cars and gain an edge over your opponents in any challenge. Currently you can have have 3 different modifications running at any one time.

Simply choose the car you would like to upgrade by visiting your garage and clicking “Modify” under that car. Now you are ready to start upgrading your car. Each upgrade level takes time and cash before they can be installed. Below you will see the amount of time needed until the part is ready to install:

Level 1: Instant
Level 2: 1 day
Level 3: 1 day
Level 4: 1 day
Level 5: 2 days

Once completed, you may install your upgraded parts to your car. When your car has reached level 5, everything including the clutch, you will have the option to post to your wall that you tricked out your car!

Gambling with Rachel:
Here you will be able to pick 1 box from a group of 5, once every 24 hours. Each box contains a different level clutch. If you are not so lucky to pick the correct box with a level 5 clutch inside, you can post to your wall and have your crew members help upgrade it by 1 level. This takes 6 crew members to click “Help with the mod”.

If you are not lucky enough to score a level 5 on your first pick, you can simply use 10 favor points and pick another box.

Be sure to check back for more helpful tips. Until then, Happy Street Racing!


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