Test Contest

Best FarmVille Farm Contest

Submit Your Holiday FarmVille Farm Photos & You Could Win Premium FarmVille Decorations!

Contest Details:

Contest is open to everyone!
You can submit up to 2 FarmVille photo entries
Photos must clearly show your FarmVille experience level
Everyone can vote once per 24 hours

Contest Judging:

Winners will be chosen by most popular vote in 3 different categories:

1. All free FarmVille Farms Leveled 1 to 25

2. All free FarmVille Farms Leveled 26+

3. Any Premium FarmVille Farm containing more than 2 premium purchased buildings.

We feel these groupings keep the entries closer together, and allows lower leveled, as well as non-paying players, a fair shot at winning. Just because your farm is only a Level 17, doesn\\\\’t mean you don\\\\’t have a fair shot at a prize!

Contest Prizes:

Prizes are awarded to the top winner in each category. On January 1st, 2010, we will announce the winners and contact you to make sure you are a \\\\”neighbor\\\\” to one of our accounts. We will then Gift over a Premium FarmVille item(s) from the Market, up to minimum 30 $FV.

Note To Winners: If you would like to reserve your Gift choice(s) until newer items are available in the Market, we will hold off gifting to you right away.

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