Mafia Wars: Don’t Waste Your Godfather Points!

Here’s a few pointers on using your Mafia Wars Godfather points effectively:

1. Don’t waste your Godfather points on crates of loot. There isn’t much in them, and you are likely to find better by doing jobs.

2. Don’t waste points on energy refills. The +4 skill point gains are much more valuable.

3. Use your Godfather points for +4 skill point upgrade when you need a boost. The benefit of the point increase out-weighs any loot value hands down.

4. Use your Godfather points to change your name if and when the cops get too close for comfort!

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3 Responses to “Mafia Wars: Don’t Waste Your Godfather Points!”
  1. says:

    Regarding your assertion that the best use of GF points is to purchase skill points. I disagree, energy refills are the way to go. Using a well timed full refill can not only get you loot and points towards your next level up but also helps you clear job tiers and levels and in so doing earning you the skill points you would have purchased.

  2. Rhoody says:

    Noah, I couldn’t disagree more with your comment. it is simple mathematics that you multiply the 4 EP’s each level, take a calculator and try it up to level 200. If you are an energyplayer, you get over 200 in 2-3 days without any refill ayway


  3. Paul says:

    there is no way im paying £18.00 on line for a book about Mafia Wars

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