Uncovering Mafia Wars Job Mastery

If you are focused on completing Mafia Wars jobs, you should know it is the safest and fastest method of leveling.  Fighting and robbing will get you leveling fast, too, but then you will have to handle the consequences which can get very personal and a bit messy.  Retaliation is not a worry when you are emphasizing jobs to collect your leveling experience points.

And jobs don’t just yield experience.  Cash and loot are also the rewards of doin’ the job.  Loot drops will sometimes deliver equipment you can use to arm your crew.  It could be a weapon, armor, or a vehicle in the loot drop.  Completing collections is done through jobs, too, because loot drops will frequently have special items.  Think about the money as a way to purchase more Mafia Mike’s so that you can upkeep all that new equipment, and jobs will have positioned you perfectly to dominate Mafia Wars.

Job and tier mastery earns those golden skill points.  And that’s key if you need to reinforce your profile.  If you’re most concerned with leveling, you’ll direct those points into energy.  If not, you can use them to beef up any of your personal stats that seem to be weak.

Everyone begins Mafia Wars in the Street Thug job tier.  Every job tier is intended for a specific group of Mafia Wars levels.  At level 1-4, Street Thug is the tier.  When you achieve level 100+, you’ll be, theoretically, ready to master the Boss tier in New York City Mafia Wars. These are the jobs for Street Thug Tier (with job ratio): Mugging (1); Corner Store Hold-Up (1); Warehouse Robbery (1); Auto Theft (1.14); Beat Up Rival Gangster (1); Rob A Pimp (1); Collect On A Loan (1).

When you start out, these are your job picks that match your new character’s abilities.  In order to work on mastery in the following tier, you’ll need to master every job at least 1x.  But you can job hop around if you attain the level assoicated with the tier. Essentially, a tier is designed for a character with a given achieved level and mastery of the previous tier.  But you can work any job tier if you have the right level.  Jobs will get harder (prep jobs, consumables, crew needed) and consume more energy as you move up the tiers toward Boss.

Going back to our example, you’ll want to master every job in the Street Thug tier.  Pick a job – Auto Theft has the best Mafia Wars job ratio!  Prepare to do the Auto Theft job several times.  You can see the headway you’re making in mastery by watching the blue bar fill up as you do the job over.  When you’ve mastered Auto Theft, it will be a filled blue bar.  A skill point will be awarded to your total when you’ve mastered a job.

Repeat the job mastery process on all the jobs in the tier and you’ll have mastered the tier for the 1st time.  You earn  skill point and a title to place with your Mafia Wars name.  In this example, you’d become “Street Thug Don Default.”

Don’t send the jobs in a tier out of your mind once you’ve got mastery!  Some jobs have especially hot loot, cash, or experience.  Certain jobs are worth doing even when you’ve passed the level and/or mastered the tier.  Unless you need the .22 pistol, 9mm, or a Diamond card, Street Thug tier lacks yummy loot, but you take my meaning about doing mastered jobs.

If you take the trouble to master each job in the tier for a 2nd time through, you’ll get the 2nd award of mastery for Street Thug.  You get more skill points, a second title “Skilled Street Thug Don Default,” and 5% increase in the loot drops for the jobs in the Street Thug tier.

Grin and bear it in order to master each job for the 3x and you’ll receive more skill points and the top title for the tier, “Master Street Thug Don Default.”  And ten perscent additional job loot.  Even better, you get five percent experience bonus for any the jobs you do in Street Thug henceforth.

Working through three times through the specific tier mastery also gets you a one time bonus item.  The bonus item for Street Thug third time mastery is the Pistol Bayonet; it raises the damage you inflict in a fight by 4%.  Mastery bonus items are usually especially good.

A final thought about mastery: If you master all the New York job tiers, you’ll earn two hundred nineteen Mafia Wars skill points.  Amazing!

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  1. Jambrady says:

    I triple mastered the Street Thug level and got the bayonet. But when MWars changed the street thug tier a couple months back it shows I have to re-do the level to triple master. I still have the bayonet in my inventory. What do you think gives?

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