How You Can Use Facebook And Still Get A Good Nights Sleep

This article is written by a Guest Author.

Yes, it’s possible to enjoy all the features of Facebook without a meltdown. Help is offered on the menu. It’s easier to explore by clicking on all the headings and titles.

Start with designing and posting your personal profile. Decide how much info you want to share with the public. Choose how much you want your friends to know about you. Remember that you can change your profile picture daily or never. Everything is up to you.

You can browse Causes that you support and post them to your page. You can share Causes that you are passionate about with friends. I have added all my favorite Causes and even created a local Cause to share with my friends here at home and those that have moved or gone off to college.

Photo albums are a wonderful way to share your life with family and friends. It’s super easy to create photo albums. Absent relatives will love the updated photos of the kids, your new home, or the car you just parked in the driveway. You can tag people in your pictures or even allow others to tag people in your photos.

It’s simple to post videos to your site. Post links to videos and internet articles to share with everyone. If you notice a video or link on the feed that appeals to you and you want to promote it on your site just click on the “share” button. The item will be posted to the top of your profile.

Rather than just play games, you can own a restaurant, live in the country, build a theme park or live in a different time. What’s really cool is that you will nearly always need “neighbors” and you get them by inviting your friends. Within these game programs you can dance, kiss, fight, and lots of other neat stuff that may keep you up later than a good movie.

Chat with friends online, join a discussion, make comments, and have fun. Make sure you check your application settings twice. You can regulate who can see your information, who can comment, and what applications can post automatically to your wall. There is a private message center each Facebook page. This allows you to have private message traffic that no one else can see.

Before you know it you will send and receive hugs, smiles, and other posts that will brighten your day or one of your friends. The more you use it the easier it becomes to use all of the fun features for work or play. Mostly play, right?


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