Facebook: Incorrect “Status Update Tip” Floating Around

We have received dozens of comments and posts, both here, in our feeds, and on our Fan page, urging us to broadcast a “tip” about how to get your Facebook homepage back to the way it was before. Unfortunately, the information being spread around, is actually incorrect.

Here is the status tip circulating right now:

One of my friends just posted easy FB fix for everyone who is not happy with new layout. On the menu at the top left, click on the word MORE. Then drag STATUS UPDATES to the top, above NEWS FEED. After dragging to top, click on it. That becomes your default and HOME is like before. Please repost!

Firstly, nothing done is actually going to bring the old style homepage back. As much as many would like to see that happen, it most likely won’t. Facebook has not bent under pressure in the past when users disliked changes, and they are not likely to bend with this either. All we can do is deal with it and try to change settings to be more personally beneficial.

Secondly, all this tip does is change your feed to be status updates only. It does not auto-scroll with live content, nor does it contain anything BUT status updates. That means no videos, no links, no friend or family photos, no game updates; nothing except text from your friends. Text and text only.

If this is all you are interested in, then great! It’s a fabulous solution for you. It does eliminate all the annoying Bob just became a fan of “Wild Hot Sex” posts, but eliminates a ton of other info too…

If you see this post on your wall, kindly let people know it is not a valid solution. It may also be prudent not to pass it on to others, as the post demands.

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6 Responses to “Facebook: Incorrect “Status Update Tip” Floating Around”
  1. Kathy eby says:

    Well if Facebook doesn’t change back because…………”Facebook has not bent under pressure in the past when users disliked changes, and they are not likely to bend with this either” I think we should all change to Myspace or something different and then maybe after losing customers they will rethink that statement!!

  2. jeannette says:

    how do i add mutual friends…ea. time i add a friend …i do not know how to add mutual friends and many are!

  3. Scarlett PencilPoint says:

    It’s not “dozen’s” – it’s “dozens.” No apostrophe is required for pluralization. EVER.



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