MouseHunt 12 Days of Christmas Begins – New Loot Daily!

Finally, the Festive Comet is starting to melt a little quicker, and revealing more and more of the goodies inside! Since its’ landing back on December 3rd, we have so far found 2 new weapon blueprints; the Gingerbread House Surprise and the Gingerbread Base. My thoughts and opinions of these two weapons will be revealed further below.

The MouseHunt 12 Days of Christmas, part of The Great Winter Hunt ’09, seems to be fairly straightforward. Starting December 12th, a new piece of loot is revealed in the Festive Comet each day. According to Dev Dave, the pieces will be easier to find on the day they are released. Keep this in mind – if you are not able to actively play daily, make sure you at least log in and sound the horn once per day to keep the Kings’ hourly trapchecks running for you.

We will be updating this list daily on exactly what the new loot items are and which mouse is dropping it. Once all 12 items are revealed, MH Larry will be announcing what goody we will be able to craft with our new stash.


The 12 Days of Christmas:


December 12:

  • One Droid Action Figure
  • Dropped by the White Mouse and Candy Cane Mouse
  • TIP – save your Gingerbread cheese and use Swiss or Brie to catch the White.

December 13:

  • Two Festive Mitts
  • Dropped by the Dwarf Mouse and the Present Mouse
  • TIP – save your Gingerbread cheese and use Swiss or Brie to catch the Dwarf.

December 14:

  • 3 Santa Hats
  • Dropped by the Christmas Tree Mouse and Abominable Snow Mouse
  • TIPS – Use a Physical set up. SB+ would be best for the Christmas Tree Mouse, otherwise use Brie to catch the Abominable Snow Mouse.

December 15:

  • Four Festive Stockings
  • Dropped by the Stocking Mouse (of course!) and the Troll Mouse
  • TIP – Use your strongest Physical trap for these guys

December 16:

  • Five Festive Ornaments
  • Dropped by the Ornament Mouse (of course!) and the Treant Mouse
  • TIP – A strong physical trap and aim for a Treant – they are the easier of the two to catch.

December 17:

  • Six Snow Balls
  • Dropped by the Nutcracker and the Abominable Snow Mouse
  • TIP – Use a Physical trap, SB+ or Gingerbread cheese and try for the Nutcracker. ASM have been abundant in the Festive Comet, but the Nutcracker may be the easier of the two to catch.

December 18:

  • Seven Gingerbread Mice
  • Dropped by the Present Mouse and the Bear Mouse
  • TIP – Save your SB+ and Gingerbread Cheese. Throw some Brie on and catch the easy Bear Mouse with a Physical set up.

December 19:

  • Eight Elf Shoes
  • Dropped by the Elf Mouse (they are back!) and the Dwarf Mouse
  • TIP – The Elf Mouse is a limited edition mouse from last year, so put on your best Physical trap and grab this one for your collection!

December 20:

  • Nine Reindeer Antlers
  • Dropped by the Present Mouse and the Centaur Mouse
  • TIP – The Present mouse is a physical mouse, whereas the Centaur is a tactical. Use the best set up you have between the two power types and use SB+ if possible. If not, use Gingerbread cheese.

December 21:

  • Ten Candy Canes
  • Dropped by the Scrooge Mouse, Candy Cane Mouse, Hydra Mouse
  • TIP – You most likely are going to want to use SB+ to catch one of these guys!

December 22:

  • Eleven Christmas Lights
  • Dropped by the Christmas Tree Mouse and the new Frozen Mouse
  • TIP – Put on your best Physical set up and use SB+
  • ***NEW** 3 new mice introduced today; Frosty Snow Mouse, Toy Mouse and Frozen Mouse!

December 23:

  • Twelve Litres of Eggnog
  • Dropped by the Toy Mouse, Gargoyle Mouse, Scrooge Mouse and the Christmas Tree Mouse. There have been reports of the White Mouse dropping as well, but unconfirmed by the Devs.
  • TIP –


Stay Tuned For The Details
On What These Items Will Craft!


New Festive Comet Weapons:



FrontierVille Secrets


7 Responses to “MouseHunt 12 Days of Christmas Begins – New Loot Daily!”
  1. otter says:

    ahh, I missed the one on the first day.. how? :/

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      You can still catch it Otter… Use a physical trap and try for the White. He will still drop the Droid, it will just be less often than yesterday.

      • otter says:

        thanks loads xD

  2. John Kissinger says:

    What is the Christmas Mouse?

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Sorry, that was a typo *blushes* It now correctly says Christmas Tree Mouse

      • John Kissinger says:

        Are there any tips??

  3. lincoln says:

    yay i got all the loot and change them all for the christmas cracker trap

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