FrontierVille Quest: Birthday Time!

Here are the details required to complete the Birthday Time! quest, including how to craft Fire, Batter and Presents.

Birthday Time!
Rewards: 100 XP + Max Energy Increase


  1. Craft 2 Presents
    • Presents can be found on your Wall from friends posts or you can craft them inside your General Store for 2 Ribbons and 5 Cloth each
  2. Craft 1 Cake
    • Cakes require 4 Batter and 2 Fire
    • Craft 1 Batter inside your Inn using 20 Food + 900 Coins
    • Craft 1 Fire inside your Covered Wagon using 7 Wood + 5 Cloth
  3. Collect 3 Peach Candies
    • peach candies are collected when harvesting peach trees

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