FrontierVille Quest: In The Cabbage Patch

FrontierVille Cabbage Patch Family QuestsIt’s time to grow your FrontierVille family! But first, you have to complete the In The Cabbage Patch quest as follows:

In the Cabbage Patch: Part 1 – Rewards:
Have you heard? Cabbages grow great in the Frontier! You GOTTA get yerself some of this action. Maybe your friends have some seeds they can lend you.

- Clear Two Rocks
- Get Ten Cabbage Seeds (Post to your wall and ask your friends to send them!)
- Have or Obtain Two Piggy Poops (Manure Collection) (Oddly enough, this’ll vanish too!)

Hint: If you have no rocks, clear a space and wait. (They’re also available in the market.) Piggy poop comes from piggies. Click “ask” above to ask friends for cabbage seed.

In the Cabbage Patch,: Part 2 – Rewards:
Now you’ve got the seeds, better get planting! And you’d best help out those neighbors who sent you seeds in the first place! You’d be up the creek without ‘em!

- Plant 20 Cabbages
- Tend Ten Neighbor Cabbages

Hint: Cabbage is available in the market. If none of your friends are planting cabbage yet, Ol’ Frontier Jack always has a couple growing.

In the Cabbage Patch: Part 3 Rewards:
Holy cats! It’s true – babies DO come from the cabbage patch! Who’d of thunk it!

- Harvest 20 Cabbages
- Have or Obtain One Coleslaw (Cabbage Collection)
- Purchase “Second Kid” Mission in Market



FrontierVille Quest: Overseas Marriage

Keep your eye open for a letter from your widdering aunty in the old country! She has an Overseas Marriage announcement for you, and five new missions to complete:

Overseas Marriage: Part 1
”Nice presents for husband and wife are good. Also much cloths for der making of wedding trousers…”

  • Craft Ten Presents (Presents will be consumed to complete this mission.)
  • Harvest 20 Cotton
  • Have 60 Cloth

Hint: Presents are crafted in the general store. You get cloth for visiting neighbors. (The presents will be consumed once you’ve fulfilled the conditions of the mission.)

Overseas Marriage: Part 2
”Nice clothings are making bride and groom so handsome!”

  • Craft 20 Clothes
  • Craft 10 Fancy Clothing

Hint: Clothing is crafted in the cabin. You’ll then use this to craft the fancy clothing in the general store.

Overseas Marriage: Part 3
”Food to give strength to der couple for nuptial bliss…”

  • Have 400 Food
  • Craft 80 Batter
  • Collect Ten Lard (The lard will be consumed to fulfill this mission.)

Hint: Batter is crafted in the inn. (Don’t get rid of it: you’ll need it in the next mission!) The lard will be removed once you’ve fulfilled the conditions of the mission.

Overseas Marriage: Part 4
”Cakes to make bride and groom fat and happy as ticks, plus traditional goodluck bushel of potatoes for groom’s mama!”

  • Craft 20 Cakes (Cakes will be consumed to complete this mission.)
  • Harvest Ten Potatoes

Hint: Craft the cakes in the inn. (They’ll be consumed once you’ve fulfilled the conditions of this mission.)

Overseas Marriage,: Part 5
”Most importantness, der bridal bed for immediate gushing forth of fat grandchildren!”

  • Craft Bed
  • Get Ten Baby Clothes

Hint: Beds are crafted in the sawmill. They require comforters from the chicken coop. Click on “ask” to request baby clothes from your friends. (All will be consumed when you’ve met the conditions of the mission.)


FrontierVille Quest, Mission, Tasks & Goal Guide – Part 2

FrontierVille Step By Step Quest Guide

The Following Details Quests Released After August 2010.
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Spoiler Alert!

The following post details each FrontierVille quest, allowing you to plan ahead when playing the game. If you do not wish to know what quests lay ahead of you, please do not read

Want to know what lies ahead in FrontierVille? Want to make sure you are stocking the required supplies in order to level up quickly? Then keep reading!

Below you will find a detailed listing of each quest, in the approximate order you will come across it. The order is not 100% exact, as each player will complete the order slightly differently, but this will give you a solid idea of what to expect. These quests are also not Level specific. Leveling is based on the accumulation of experience only, whereas new quests are provided to you based on the completion of previous ones first.

We will update this post as we reach new quests, and when possible have detailed what rewards are earned at each stage. Be sure to bookmark this post in order to check back often for new updates!

Note #1: The first few quests are not included as they are simple tutorials that the game provides, and we did not feel they needed any explanation here.

Note #2: Last updated Oct 18, 2010.

Note #3: Please remember, these are not in the exact order you will see them as each person will complete the order slightly differently. You can only have 4 active quests at any one time so your order may differ from the list below.

Note #4: The developers have been changing and balancing the game often. Some wording may be slightly out of date. I am doing my best to keep everything current but cannot see exact wording on quests already completed.

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Varmint Cannon: Part 1 – Rewards: 100 XP + 500 Coins

  1. Get One Saltpeter
    • Saltpeter is awarded when trading in the Manure Collection
  2. Craft 1 Fire
    • Fire is crafted inside your Covered Wagon
  3. Build Foundry
    • The Foundry frame costs 50,000 Coins + 50 Wood in the Market, requires 250 Wood to build, and 5 Cement, 5 Shingles, 5 Windows, 5 Pegs and 5 Mallets

Varmint Cannon: Part 2 – Rewards: 100 XP + 3 Powder Kegs

  1. Craft or Buy One Powder Keg
    • Powder Kegs are crafted inside your Foundry ising 1 Saltpeter and 5 Fire
  2. Get 10 Insurance Waivers from Neighbors
    • this request is posted to your news feed
  3. Buy Snake Cannon
    • the Snake Cannon costs 5000 (4750) Coins (50 XP for purchasing)

Varmint Cannon: Part 3 – Rewards: 100 XP + 1 Powder Keg

  1. Clear One Skull
  2. Fire Snake Cannon Twice
    • Aug 30 Update: there are still issues with this firing correctly for some players. The developer is working on it.
  3. Purchase a Bucket
    • buckets can be purchased in the Market for 250 (237) Coins + 1 Wood

Varmint Cannon: Part 4 – Rewards: 100 XP + Powder Keg

  1. Harvest Ten Crops
  2. Fire Groundhog Cannon
  3. Buy One Pitchfork
    • a Pitchfork can be purchased in the Market for 400 coins

Varmint Cannon: Part 5 – Rewards: 100 XP + Decorative Cannonballs

  1. Feed 10 Geese
  2. Fire Fox Cannon
    • Fox Cannon is purchased in the Foundry for 55000 (52250) Coins (550XP for purchasing)
  3. Request 10 Pieces of Scrap Metal from Friends

Back To School: Part 1 – Rewards: 2500 Coins + 100 XP

  1. Harvest 10 Pumpkins
  2. Plant Ten Fruit Trees
  3. Sell Ten Adult Goats

Back To School: Part 2 – Rewards: unknown

  1. Water or Harvest 15 Apple Trees
  2. Feed 15 Pigs
  3. Collect Ten Country Fair Tickets
    • It’ll cost ya ten tickets to complete the mission

Back To School: Part 3 – Rewards: 250 XP + 1000 Coins

  1. Visit Ten Neighbors
  2. Buy a Swimming Hole
    • the Swimming Hole costs 2000 coins at the Market, under the Specials tab
  3. Collect One School House Daily Bonus

Back To School: Part 4 – Rewards: 300 XP + 1250 Coins + 1 Dunce Cap

  1. Buy a Pump Well
    • the Pump Well costs 4000 coins + 2 wood at the Market
  2. Have 25 Cloth
    • fulfilling the mission will consume the cloth
  3. Get Ten Soaps
    • them soaps will be used up, too!

Hot Wheels – Rewards: 100 XP + Deluxe Buggy

  1. Collect Ten Saddle Soap
    • It’ll cost you them soap to complete this mission
  2. Collect Ten Elbow Grease
    • It’ll cost you the grease too)
  3. Clear Five Grasses

Jackalope Society: Part 1 – Rewards: 50 XP + 150 Food

  1. Harvest Five Corn
  2. Sell Five Adult Chickens
  3. Buy One BBQ Grill in the Market
    • the BBQ Grill costs 2000 (1900) in the market

Jackalope Society: Part 2 – Rewards: 60 XP + 750 Coins

  1. Collect 10 Jackalope RSVP’s
  2. Visit 2 Friends

Jackalope Society: Part 3 – Rewards: 75 XP + 100 Food

  1. Collect Ten Secret Handshakes
  2. Buy Jackalope Lodge in the Market
    • the Jackalope Lodge costs 1000 (950) coins + 10 Wood

Jackalope Society: Part 4 – Rewards: 80 XP + 500 Coins

  1. Build A Jackalope Lodge
    • requires 90 Wood, 5 Shingles, 5 Pegs, 5 Windows, 5 Cement, 5 Mallets, 15 Levels
  2. Buy 4 Goats in the Market
    • goats cost 195 (185) coins

Build A Water Tower – Rewards: 250 XP + Water Tower

unknown requirements

Enjoy Some Tasty French Fries – Rewards: 50 XP + Two French Fries

  1. Harvest Ten Potatoes
  2. Get Ten Elbow Grease
  3. Get Ten Blocks of Lard

Aunts List: Part 1 – Rewards: 50 Food

  1. Plant 60 Potatoes
  2. Tend 20 Neighbor Potatoes

Aunts List: Part 2 – Rewards: 50 XP

  1. Harvest 60 Potatoes
  2. Tend 20 Neighbor Potatoes

Aunts List: Part 3 – Rewards: 1 Cow

  1. Buy 10 Cows
  2. Tend 10 Neighbor Cows

Aunts List: Part 4 – Rewards: 1 Ox

  1. Buy One Butter churn
    • the butter churn costs 3800 (3610) coins + 2 wood
  2. Get One Ribeye

Aunts List: Part 5 – Rewards: Boiled Shoes

  1. Craft 20 Planks
    • planks are crafted inside your Covered Wagon
  2. Get Ten Nails
  3. Collect 10 Shipping Labels
    • shipping labels can be requested from your friends

Huge 33×33 Homestead Expansion: Part 1 – Rewards: 200 XP + 2500 Coins

  1. Have Three Ribbons
  2. Buy a Forest Saw at the Market
    • the forest saw costs 3500 (3325) coins
  3. Chop Ten Neighbor Trees

Huge 33×33 Homestead Expansion: Part 2 – Rewards: 400 XP + 5000 Coins

  1. Get 20 Telescopes
    • telescopes can be requested from friends
  2. Feed 25 Animals
  3. Clobber Four Foxes

Huge 33×33 Homestead Expansion: Part 3 – Rewards: 300 XP + 10,000 Coins

  1. Clobber Three Snakes
  2. Have or Craft Three Cakes
    • cakes are crafted inside your Inn
  3. Visit 12 Neighbors

Huge 33×33 Homestead Expansion: Part 4 – Rewards: 500 XP + 5000 Coins + Huge Homestead

  1. Harvest 300 Crops on your Homestead
  2. Clobber Eight Groundhogs
  3. Get 20 Survey Authorizations
    • these survey authorizations will be removed to complete the mission

Huge 33×33 Homestead Expansion: Part 5 – Rewards: 15 Cloth + 10,000 Coins

  1. Collect 2 Daily Bonuses From the Land Office
  2. Have or Craft Two Land Grants
    • land grants are crafted inside your Land Office
  3. Buy 33×33 Land Expansion at your Land Office

Last updated Oct 18, 2010.


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FrontierVille Quest: Homestead Expansion

The ability to expand your homestead has finally arrived! The quest can be activated from the Specials tab for 5000 Coins, and once complete, will increase your homestead to 29×29 Big Homestead.

Note: All prices below are assuming you have not completed the Rithmatic School House lesson.

There are multiple parts required to complete the Homestead Expansion mission. Full details of each mission is detailed below:

Expand Your Homestead Quest/Mission

Homestead Expansion Part 1 – Rewards: 80 Food

  1. Have 200 Wood
    • Fulfilling this mission will consume 200 Wood
  2. Purchase One Lumber Cart
    • Lumber Cart costs 3500 Coins + 25 Wood
  3. Collect One Axe
    • The Axe is part of the Oak Collection
    • Fulfilling this mission will consume the Axe

Homestead Expansion Part 2 – Rewards: 200 XP

  1. Visit Ten Neighbors
  2. Receive Ten Survey Authorizations
    • Ask your friends to send Authorizations by clicking on the “Ask Friends” button shown below
    • Clicking your Friends Authorization reqest from your News Feed will also earn you one
    • Fulfilling this mission will consume the Authorizations
  3. Clear Ten Neighbor Debris
    • Debris are items such as Grass, Thorns, Rocks and Wildflowers

Homestead Expansion Part 3 – Rewards:

  1. Get Ten Map Coordinates
    • Fulfilling this mission will consume the Coordinates
  2. Chop Neighbor Trees 20 Times
  3. Create Four Plants
    • You will lose the planks too!
FrontierVille Map Coordinates

Homestead Expansion Part 4 – Rewards: 5000 Coins + 25 Wood + Unlocked Land Office

  1. Lay Ten Stone Borders
    • Stone borders cost 200 + 1 Wood at the Marketplace
    • Task can be unlocked for 14 Horseshoes
  2. Lay Six Flower Beds
    • Flower Beds cost 2000 at the Marketplace
    • Task can be unlocked for 18 Horseshoes
  3. Place Four Log Benches
    • Log Benches cost 1000 Coins + 50 Wood at the Marketplace
    • Task can be unlocked for 32 Horseshoes

Homestead Expansion Part 5 – Rewards: 100 XP + Unlocked Big Homestead

  1. Purchase Land Office Frame
    • The Land Office frame costs 5000 Coins + 25 Wood in the Marketplace
  2. Finish The Land Office
    • The Land Office requires 120 Wood & 8 of each Building Supplies to build
  3. Craft One Sextant
    • the Sextant is crafted inside the Land Office using 3 Tools + 25 Wood
    • can be unlocked for 8 Horseshoes
  4. Craft One Land Grant
    • the Land Grant is crafted inside the Land Office using 15 Cloth + 100,000 Coins

Note: Watch for new Land Office Collection items!

Once you have completed the above tasks, you will have the ability to expand your Homestead for the cost of 1 Land Grant.
FrontierVille Land Office Purchase Big Homestead


FrontierVille Quest: First Day of School

Miss Fanny Wildcat has finally opened up the Schoolhouse! Here are the details on the first quest you will come across:

First Day Of School
Rewards: 450 Coins + 55 XP

  1. Craft Four Fancy Clothing
    • Craft Fancy Clothing in your General Store using 2 Ribbon + 2 Clothes
  2. Buy One Lesson at the Schoolhouse
    • Lessons can now be purchased at the Schoolhouse for various combinations of Coins + Food or Ribbon

Full details on how to Purchase, Enroll and Complete Schoolhouse lessons can be found at FrontierVille Buildings: School House


FrontierVille Quest: Welcome Fanny Wildcat

After collecting your School House daily bonus for 7 days during the “Get Ready For The Schoolmarm” quest, Fanny Wildcat has finally arrived in the “Welcome Fanny Wildcat” series of quests. Here are the details on this multi-stage mission:

Welcome Fanny Wildcat Part 1 – Rewards: 50 XP

  1. Give One Welcome Mat
    • Welcome Mats are found in the Cabin Collection
  2. Give Three Bouquets
    • Bouquets are rewarded when trading in the Wildflower Collection
  3. Give Four Ribbons

Welcome Fanny Wildcat Part 2: Prepare Dinner For Fanny – Rewards: 50 Food + 50 XP

  1. Give Four Mashed Potatoes
    • Mashed Potatoes are in the Potato Collection
  2. Give Four Ribeye Steak
    • Rib Eyes are from the Ox Collection
  3. Buy Four Meals
    • Any meal, including Light Snacks, can be purchased from the Energy tab of the Market

Welcome Fanny Wildcat Part 3: Everyone Loves Cake – Rewards: 65 XP + 25 Food

  1. Harvest 16 Peach Trees
  2. Craft Four Cakes
  3. Craft One Present

Welcome Fanny Wildcat Part 4: Finding The Perfect Apple – Rewards: in progress

  1. Use Your Child to Harvest 25 Apple Trees
  2. Use Your Child to Collect 1 School House Daily Bonus


FrontierVille Quest: Party On The 4th

FrontierVille Happy 4th July Celebration


This is a Limited Time quest, available from July 2nd – July 8th only. There are also multiple parts to the complete quest that we will update as we know the details.

Here is what we know so far:

Party On The 4th: Part 1 – Rewards: 500 Coins + 50 XP

  1. FrontierVille Fireworks
  2. Craft Five Fireworks

Fireworks are crafted inside your Cabin, using 5 Fire and 1 Saltpeter. You are awarded 1 Saltpeter when you trade in the Manure Collection.

NOTE: 1 Saltpeter + 5 Fire = the FIVE Fireworks you need.

Here is where you can find the 5 items required for the Manure Collection:

Poultry puddin’ – Chickens and Geese
Piggy Poop – Pigs
Brush Brownie – Goats and Sheep
Prairie Pile – Horses and Mules
Meadow Muffin – Cows and Oxen

Party On The 4th: Get Party Supplies – Rewards: 750 Coins + 100 XP

  1. Collect 5 Cornbread
    • Found in the Corn Collection
  2. Collect 3 Ham
    • Found in the Pig Collection
  3. Collect One Ribeye
    • Found in the Ox Collection

Party on the 4th: Gather The Guests – Rewards: 1000 Coins + 150 XP

  1. Feed 15 Neighbor Chickens
  2. Tend Five Neighbor Pumpkins

Party on the 4th: Harvest The Red, White, And Blue – Rewards: 1500 Coins + 250 XP

  1. Tend 20 Cherry Trees
  2. Harvest 20 Eggplants
  3. Harvest 10 Cotton

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FrontierVille Quest: Breakfast In Bed

There is lots of crafting involved in FrontierVille‘s Breakfast In Bed quest. Here are the full details on what you need to prepare for:

Breakfast In Bed – Rewards: 200 XP + 500 Coins

  1. Craft a Feather Bed
    • Craft the Feather Bed inside the Sawmill with 2 Comforters and 1 Furnishing
      • Comforters:
      • You should have 2 Comforters already made during the Prepare A New Bed quest, but if for some reason you do not, see the next 2 steps.
      • Each Comforter requires 1 Downy feathers and 15 cloth
      • Downy Feathers are rewarded with each Chicken Coop Collection and Goose Collection trade in.
      • Use your Chicken Coop to craft Comforters
    • Furnishings:
      • Furnishings are crafted inside the Sawmill using 4 Sawhorsed and 4 Tools
      • Sawhorses are crafted inside the Barn using 5 Planks and 2 Tools
  2. Have (to USE) Two Pillows
    • Pillows are found in the Inn Collection
  3. Buy a Breakfast Meal at the Market
    • Breakfast Meals cost 80 Food and give you 7 Energy from the Market


FrontierVille Quest: Prepare A New Bed

Get ready for more crafting! The Frontierville “Prepare A New Bed” quest/goal requires newly released items, such as Geese, Comforters and Downy Feathers.

Here are the details of the 3 parts required:

Prepare A New Bed – Rewards: 75 XP + 500 Coins

  1. Craft or Have 2 Comforters
    • Each Comforter requires 1 Downy feathers and 15 cloth
    • Downy Feathers are rewarded with each Chicken Coop Collection and Goose Collection trade in.
    • Use your Chicken Coop to craft Comforters
  2. Craft or Have 4 Sawhorses
    • Each Sawhorse requires 5 Planks and 2 Tools
    • Planks are made inside your Covered Wagon, costing 7 Wood and 250 coins each
    • Use your Barn to craft Sawhorses
  3. Have 4 Tools
    • Tools are collected from your Wall when neighbors visit your homestead


FrontierVille Quest: Become A Master Farmer

Get ready to plant and need lots of space! The Frontierville “Become A Master Farmer” requires a ton of planting, harvesting, time, coins and space!

Here are the details of the 3 parts required:

Become a Master Farmer: Master Farmer Part 1
Rewards: 50 Food + 200 XP


  1. Plant 60 Pumpkins
  2. Harvest 60 Pumpkins

Become a Master Farmer: Master Farmer Part 2
Rewards: 100 Food + 400 XP


  1. Plant 300 Flax
  2. Harvest 300 Flax

Become a Master Farmer: Master Farmer Part 3
Rewards: ??


  1. Plant 1500 Peanuts
  2. Harvest 1500 Peanuts


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