Mafia Wars: How To Find Mission Collection Loot

Mafia Wars Mission Collection

Mafia Wars latest addition to our collections list is the Mission Collection. Each of the 7 required loot items can possibly be rewarded when completing specific missions.

Mafia Wars Hit Squad - Vault Mission CollectionFor successfully vaulting the Mission Collection, the rewards are generous! You will receive:

  • Hit Squad Armor ( 65 Attack / 45 Defense )
  • +10 Attack
  • +10 Defense
  • +20 Health

You can only vault the collection once.


How To Find Mission Collection Loot


Each of the 7 collection items potentially are awarded when completing a specific mission with your fellow mafia as follows:

BLASTING CAPS -> Drops from the Truck Hijacking mission (Easy)
SNIPER SCOPE -> Drops from the Bribe The Contact mission (Easy)
CODE BREAKER -> Drops from the Bank Robbery mission (Medium)
MOOK JONG -> Drops from the Bribe A Government Official mission (Medium)
EARBUD SHADES -> Drops from the Steal A Dockyard Shipment mission (Hard)
STICKSHIFT GRIP -> Drops from the Transport Stolen Uranium mission (Hard – 6 people)
FAKE IDENTITY -> Drops from the Take Out A Rival Operation mission (Hard – 7 people)


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2 Responses to “Mafia Wars: How To Find Mission Collection Loot”
  1. Angie S. says:

    What launches the specific mission? If I want to play ‘Bribe a Contact’ what job do I have to be doing to launch THAT mission? That’s the killer.


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