Cafe World: Become A Fan And Serve Super Sliders!

On Monday October 26th, Zynga announced it’s new Super Sliders Event, being that once Cafe World reaches 1,000,000 fans, they will introduce a new Super Sliders menu option into the game.

Surprisingly, with over 26 million players, they have only just surpassed the 1/2 million mark, with 515,169 as of this posting. This could be due to the fact the announcement was made ON the fan page!

Zynga is obviously hoping for some viral assistance, so let’s give it to them and share this post with your friends

So what exactly are Super Sliders? Here is Cafe World’s update from Monday for more details:

Café World We here at Café World adore all of our dedicated fans! To show our appreciation we’ve got something special cooking on the back burner for all of you. Once Café World’s Official Fan page hits 1,000,000 fans we’re going to roll out our “Super Sliders” event. Stop by our forums to learn more about what Super Sliders are, and get your friends to become fans to get them soon!
October 26 at 6:58pm

So hang up your apron, turn the stoves off, and hang up your “Closed” sign and go head over to and become a fan now!


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