Updated FarmVille.com Exclusive Gifts – March 7,2010

For those of you wanting to send exclusive gifts to your FarmVille friends and neighbors, you will need to head over to FarmVille.com, Connect to Facebook, and then access the exclusive list from the Gift page.

Here are the most recent additions to FarmVille.com exclusive gift list:

  • Wood Picket Fence
  • Fancy Topiary
  • Pink Greenery
  • Sunflower in Bucket




3 Responses to “Updated FarmVille.com Exclusive Gifts – March 7,2010”
  1. Marcia Bolin says:

    Why does it evrytime I go to my farm to collect my gift and place them on my farm it says the game is out of sync when I put a couple of gifts out. Please help.


    Marcia Bolin

  2. Shawn says:

    I keep getting the out of sync message as well, not all the time related to gifts. Happens at different times. Question about animals. Dairy/milk barn, why can you not add goats to be milked. Suggest a Down collecting barn or building, so you don’t have to click on each duck. Just a few recommendations.


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