Mafia Wars: Secret Stash Rewards Working Again

Mafia Wars has corrected and re-released the Secret Stash feature…sort of!

A popular feature when fighting, players randomly have one of their mafia members assist them with the fight. Also randomly, the player who helped you may find a Secret Stash. You are given the option of posting that Stash notice to your friends’ wall, hoping they will claim it for you both.

If your mafia friend does claim the stash, you both receive the contents.




For the past 2 months, this feature had not been working. These wall posts that were meant for a specific player were going out to everyone’s wall, and when clicked, informed the clicker that they needed to go find their own loot. Therefore, the feature was disabled.

Today I received a wall message (shown above) indicating one of my mafia wanted me to collect a Secret Stash. I figured I would once again try. It worked!

I was able to collect a Zmeya Carbon Blade, but when used the feature to inform my friend what we had received, the post went out to the wall as a general status update to everyone.

So, as of right now, the ability to claim Secret Stash loot is back (yay!), but we are still unable to let the person know what they received. Hopefully that will be back shortly as well


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