Cafe World Mystery Dish & VIP Dinner

Cafe World Mystery DishCafe World just announced that a new 5 course Mystery Dish will be released this week!

As of yet, we have no idea what it could possibly be, how long it will take to cook, or what Cafe levels will have access to it. But, as soon as we know the scoop, we will be updating this post!

Also stated on Cafe Worlds’ Fan page is that “something special is coming for our VIP players”. We have no confirmation yet as to who qualifies as a VIP player, but we suspect the surprise may be recipes available only to those willing to pay Cafe Cash – makes sense considering the free Cafe Cash they gave out during the past week. Hopefully everyone saved their $$!


The VIP Dinner has been released to ALL players Level 4 and above. It is FREE to cook, has an 18 hour time, and serves 99. Here are the details as we know them so far:

Cost: $0
Serves: 99
Cook Time: 18 hours
Earns: 99 per serving = 9801 total
Earnings/hr: 543.7 (15 cost to clean stove included)
CP per Ingredient: 0
CP to serve: 174
CP/hr: 9.7

This fabulous dish is only available until January 7th, so get it onto your stoves asap!



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  1. Christine says:

    174 total cp when you take it off


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