Ronza’s Rock’n Return: Goodies To Buy Or Not To Buy?

For all you MouseHunt players, unless you have been living under a rock the past week, you will be well aware that the much anticipated landing of Ronza has finally happened!

In fact, most of us were so eager to see her wares, we almost crashed not only her airship, but the HitGrab servers too! Our poor favorite devs had to ask us to please leave off clicking the map in order for her to land successfully.

Ronza’s arrival has brought tons of goodies, along with a hefty price tag on most of them. Here is a breakdown and TheFacebookInsider’s analysis of what you should consider buying with your MouseHunt gold.

HitGrab Rockin’ Horse:

The HitGrab Rockin’ Horse is the weakest of traps offered by Ronza this appearance. It’s closest competitor would be the Swiss Army Mouse Trap. In a side by side comparison, you can see the Rockin Horse has greater power, a better attraction rate, and a whopping increase in luck. It also requires significantly fewer points to obtain.




However, the price of the HitGrab Rockin’ Horse is twice as expensive as the Swiss Army Mouse Trap, making this a tough buy for most Novice players. When you consider that this trap won’t last you much further than the Harbour, unless you are looking to collect a Special Edition item, you may want to save your gold for the upcoming NVMRC Forcefield Trap.

On the flip side though, you could potentially eliminate the need for the NVMRC Forcefield Trap. While the HitGrab Rockin’ Horse may not perform well in the Calm Clearing, it will do a fantastic job in the Laboratory. The super increase in luck that this trap provides should have those much needed Radioactive Cheese Curd Potions raining down on you!

Conclusion: You won’t make a ton of gold with this offering but, you could save gold by skipping the need for the NVMRC Forcefield Trap and moving on to a specialized Tactical or Shadow traps a little sooner.

Magma Base:

This one is a no brainer – if you have the gold, buy it! I did, and am lovin’ it!

The Magma base is the most powerful base we have seen overall. While the Tribal base has a higher actual Power result when a high level trap is attached, if you are looking at all attributes combined, the Magma will out perform it.


Magma Base


The Magma base is also easily attained by players at mid level of play. With only 238,000 points required, compared to the 14,000,000 needed for the Tribal base, this one will last you for a significant length of time.

The only downfall of the Magma base is the insanely stale cheese effect. However, the overall price of a few more pieces of stale cheese will be easily compensated for with your increased catch and loot drop rate.

Conclusion: A No Brainer! Go get it

Giant Speaker:

At first glance the Giant Speaker is a much better trap than the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap or Zugzwang’s Last Move. It has a low point requirement, which will make it easily attainable by Master leveled players, and will perform nicely for those of you in the Great Gnarled Tree – especially for collecting Gnarled Cheese Potions!


Giant Speakers Trap


However, the price tag attached to this cool looking trap is in the range of a much higher player. Chances are you will have to sell off some SB+ in order to afford it. Is it worth it? Yes and no…

If you do not already own the Venus Mouse Trap, then this is definitely going to be one you will want to consider picking up. The Giant Speakers will outperform any tactical trap currently available. But, if you DO already own the VMT, you have already put a significant amount of gold into your Tactical arsenal, and should continue following that path.

1. If you do not have the VMT, then yes, go for it.
2. If you already own the VMT, save your gold.

Krakens’ Chaos

The Kraken’s Chaos is the most odd-balled offering Ronza has brought to date. It is the first Hydro weapon, and surprisingly, it is also has the lowest amount of luck. It also has a WHOPPING price tag of 860,000 gold. But, Ronza is well known for her extra lucky traps and bases, so what makes Kraken’s Chaos attractive? Simply….The Hydra Mouse…


Krakens Chaos


Anyone who has spent any time at all in the Lagoon, not only trying to catch that ever elusive Hydra, but to have her drop the Ship Blueprints as well, will know that having a Hydro weapon would have made all the difference. Until now, the 1st hydro weapon you had an opportunity to purchase was on the SS Huntington II – AFTER you already caught the Hydra or paid for the prints to build your ship. Now you can arm yourself in advance.

Kraken’s Chaos is also going to significantly out perform both the Net Cannon and the Harpoon Gun once you arrive on the ship. Over in the Tribal Isles, the Chaos again is going to give you an immediate boost to an Ancient Spear Gun comparable weapon, to catch those seashells in Elub Shores.

1. If you already have crafted the Ancient Spear Gun, don’t bother with Kraken’s Chaos, unless you are looking for an expensive novelty item.
2. If you do not have the Ancient Spear Gun, grab this one – if you can afford it…

That’s all hunters! Hope you find my opinions helpful and have good luck hunting!



2 Responses to “Ronza’s Rock’n Return: Goodies To Buy Or Not To Buy?”
  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for the analysis, Joanne! As an early grandmaster, I’ve already picked up the magma base and could not be happier. Now I’m just trying to save up for the kracken… 860k will be my biggest purchase ever.

  2. Kraken Chaos is the best Hydro-base trap ever and I regretted the day I didn’t purchase this from Ronza.

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